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Albertsons No Longer for Sale!


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We had a single Albertson's nearby back in the 70s/80s, then it disappeared. It seemed popular, I liked it. Albertson's made a comback to the area though in the late 90s and replaced all of the Lucky stores here. Most of them are nice, but the one right by our house is terrible! It's a smaller one, very dated, cold, never enough checkers working or monitoring the self-checkout. Closed their meat dept. two years back for whatever reason. It is always dead.

There is a mom and pop type supermarket right across the street that is always booming. Great selection of meats, more gourmet type, superior vegetables. Prices are higher, but so many people don't seem to care. I split my shopping between the two as some of Albertson's' sales aren't bad. I think it qualifiesl as one that the company might sell off as unproductive. The one near my parents is much nicer than the Luckys it replaced, got the full remodel and the staff are really friendly.

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