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Jacksonville's Rival City


Jacksonville's Rival City?  

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  1. 1. Jacksonville's Rival City?

    • Orlando
    • Tampa
    • Nashville
    • Charlotte
    • Raleigh/Durham
    • Charleston
    • other

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Nashville or Charlotte. I voted for Nashville since I think Charlotte is developing at a slightly faster pace than either Nashville or Jax. Those projects they have going on there are impressive. However, the amount of great development in these three similar sized Southern cities is great.

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Tampa is in another league then all of these cities. As for a rival, on these forums...Charlotte and Nashville. In reality.....neither. Economically, we're a million miles apart from those two land-locked communities. Jax seems to be a city focusing on its self with dreams of becoming something bigger then what Charlotte and Nashville are. But If I were to chose a city, it would probably be Orlando, Tampa and Miami, just because they compete for State Tax dollars and businesses.

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looking at the choices, when it comes to the economy nationwide and even worldwide, nashville and charlotte are our true competition because jacksonville's economy runs on industry (nashville) and banking/insurance/commerce (charlotte). charleston is too small and only our ports are in competition really. Raleigh/Durham is more dependent on technology and research companies.

when it comes to assisted economy and infrastructure, then clearly tampa and orlando are our competitors because we all compete for money from the state, and if their economies are booming and bigger than ours, they are going to attract the eye of the governor and receive more benefits in a demand based system.

so there are different ways to look at the situation...

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From banking to football, our rival is Charlotte, no question.

I disagree. In football the titans and Jags are much bigger rivals. 5 years ago, Who knocked yall out of the Super Bowl (not to be mean or anything but just proving a point). Also, Jacksonville is the HQ of CSX while nashville is one of its biggest rail hubs. In skyline, both are trying to top charlottes BOA, nashville with the Sig tower and the 70 story Peabody tower while I don't know what jacksonville is building but I'm sure its large. Where Nashville beats Jacksonville is on MSA. Nashville has 1.5 to jacksonville's 1.3. And back to the HQ topic, Nashville is probably the largest car manufacturing market in the NAtion. Recently we landed Nissan North america and we also are the HQ of saturn. Plus the healthcare and music industry (nashville has 6.5 billion dollars in annual revenue which is more than all the other major entertainment cities combined). Both cities should be considered rival cities, they are very neck and neck and similar.

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I don't know if we have a true rival. Jax has one foot firmly planted in the South, one in Florida.

I would not say Charlotte.... it is roughly the same distance away as Miami, and almost as foreign. Charlotte has quite a few more people in its metro area (2.1 million vs. 1.2 million) and has the largest banking HQ concentration in the US. Economically, Charlotte is closer to Dallas than Jacksonville. By all accounts, it is a bigger and different city.

Nashville might be better on paper, but do we in Florida have ANYTHING in common with a city in Tennessee's hinterlands? 600 miles away? Nashville is where the South meets Appalachia. Might as well compare Jacksonville to Havana (which consequently is far closer). Similar sizes, totally different cities. Aside from the football thing, I just do not see it.

Orlando, Tampa... all true Florida cities with dependencies on tourism.

Bottom line... I have no diea. JAX is a unique city. Not quite a "world class" metro area some people here think it should be, but it is not Mobile, AL either. Maybe in 20 years we will have a better answer to the question.

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Wow, I wanted to say Charlotte, but after reading AceMentor's post, I decided to go with Nashville. These 2 cities compete with each other on many different levels. Ace mentioned health care, and Jax is also expanding its significance in terms of growing hospitals, attracting bio-tech companies, and bringing in young, health care professionals. Nash and Jax are also similar in MSA size, skyscraper building, and attracting more respect and prestige among the biggest cities in the US. Lastly, the football teams have a great rivalry. Charlotte is a close 2nd with its similarities to Jax, I must say.

I'm surprised my hometown made the poll! :D Chas and Jax are considered to be sister cities along with Savannah. Considering how fast Chas is growing, I foresee a possible rivalry between Chas and Jax within the next 20-30 years. An article was recently published showing how Charleston's boom patterns are very similar to how Jax started booming. However, Chas currently can't touch Jax competitively except for its port. The port of Chas is the 2nd largest on the East Coast and 4th largest in the nation.

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I don't understand how Charlotte comes into play here? They cannot be rivals if they are not similar. Tampa is the logical rival to Jax because it is on the West Coast of the same state, has the sun, beaches, alot of simliarities. Tampa has an edge obviously but the gap will get smaller & the rivalry should grow.


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Yeah, seriously, I've lived in Jacksonville and now I live in Charlotte and the two cities are really not in the same league. Sure, they're both in the National Football League, but it ends there.

Jacksonville is an old south transportation and manufacturing hub that's rapidly becoming a back office for corporate America. Executives talk about it as a great place to operate a call center.

You think Charlotte and Jacksonville are competing in banking? Charlotte's banks bought Jacksonville's banks. The names on your downtown towers are the names of Charlotte companies.

Charlotte has nine Fortune 500 companies. Jacksonville has three, and Winn-Dixie is not long for this world.

I'm not saying everything goes Charlotte's way. I think Jacksonville has more character and more history. It was a big city before Charlotte, and you can see the difference in its old neighborhoods.

And the beach and the river are incredible assets. Charlotte has no equivalent for Amelia Island, Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra. There are no neighborhoods here with the beauty of Ortega.

But let's be serious: When it comes to economic development, Jacksonville is either competing with other Florida cities, or it is competing with back-office towns like Omaha and Richmond.

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I just love how other metro area's sleep on Raleigh-Durham simply because it doesn't have one big Dominate Downtown , Raleigh - Durham metro area is a little bigger than Nashville, and i know for a fact bigger than Jacksonville and growing much faster,i can't wait for the next U.S. CENSUS REPORT so folks can drop their jaws in disbelief! :yahoo:

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Raleigh is roughly the same size as Jacksonville (1.4 million to 1.34 million). And no, it's not growing faster than Jax. It's good to be proud of your city, though, and I salute you for that!
Not to start a pissing contest, but your incorrect sir the population is 1.6 million according to the u.s. census report for the Triangle, and it is growing faster than Jax do the research,am not saying The Triangle is better, just people sleep on the area ,and don't have alot of facts about the area , Jacksonville is a great city and i respect the area, am just stating the facts in regards to growth they both have a great future ahead! :D
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