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2005 MSA Economic Strength Rankings


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Compared to last year's rankings, ALL of our metropolitan areas ranked lower than we did last year. Here's how it all shakes down:

MSA---2005 ranking---2004 ranking

Columbia 71 54

Charleston 111 90

Greenville 125 104

Spartanburg 160 122

Myrtle Beach 163 121

Florence 203 160

Sumter 295 248

I do understand that some of us had some problems with the rankings last year, so we may REALLY take issue with the 2005 rankings.


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But I wonder what happened between last year and this year to cause ALL of our metros to slip several spots? The only bright spot in the state seems to be the Beaufort--Hilton-Head micropolitan area, which ranks 2nd (this year and last) among all micripolitan areas in the nation.

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