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Almaty JW Marriott Hotel


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I hadn't really thought of Kazakhstan in this forum. But now that it's not a part of the Soviet Union it is probably more culturally similar to the Middle East along with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Any ideas which city?

It's in Almaty which has a population of around 1,800,000.

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Ah, yeah that would make sense. I guess when I saw it I though it was just a name.

:) My best friend was born in Almaty in '88, before the fall of the Soviet Union. According to her (and she did live in the city up until '95) it's a blend of Middle Eastern, Russian, and East Asian; the Russian influence is still very obvious in the design and architecture of the city, but also in the racial makeup of Kazakhstan. The population has a large Muslim component, particularly in the cities and the southern regions, but the nation is very secularized in government and social practices. There is an East Asian influence in the racial makeup due to ancient, successive conquests over the milennia.

Just a (very) brief summary of Almaty and Kazakhstan.

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