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I thanks to all in 2005; be ready for 06


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As some of you know, I have had a passion for the built environment (my first love was skyscrapers) since I was about 8 (I'm 43 now). This past year getting to know the forum members and seeing all the changes to Nashville's man-made landscape has been very exciting.

I'd like to thank everybody for their enthusiasm and passion for understanding and "spreading the word" regarding how an attractive and functional bult environment can positively affect people.

I would particularly like to thank my very good friend John Mathieson (Doormanpoet) for his feeding me info (the man has been a monster in this regard) and for helping me open my eyes to see the importance of how the natural environment relates to the man-made environment.

A few other quick thank-yous:

Ron (Smeagolsfree) for his tireless effort obtaining "under the radar info." As The Poet says: "Ron is a machine."

Dave (Itsjustdave) for his never giving up on Nashville. The man spreads the good news like nobody else. And he takes some kick-ass photos, too.

Todd (Nashvillebound) for believing in Nashville's central core and moving his family downtown when most folks with children would have fled for the suburbs.

Lexy, Rural King, Hankster, Nashvillian... I could go on and on. Everybody is making a fine contribution to the public discourse.

On a related note, The Poet has posted information regarding our monthly meetings. He and I met frequently in 2005 and recently discussed the thought of simply having all the gang gather the first Saturday of each month at about 10:15 at Bongo Java on Belmont Boulevard in The Curve. AND, we would love to get forum members from Memphis and other locales too. We need Hanskter (Chattanooga) on occasion. And Lexy, you've got to bring your wife to offer a female perspective!!!

2006 is going to be big. I look forward to enjoying it with all of you.


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