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The Clinton Presidential Library


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Here's the Clinton Library in Litte Rock. I'll start off with some night shots I took a few days before Christmas. Then later I'll post some daytime pics I took a little before Thanksgiving. I still havn't stopped when it was open yet. Not sure if they even allow pics inside.














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Great pictures!

When I was in Little Rock over the summer, I was able to see the Clinton library first hand, and I must say I was impressed.

I knew I'd guilt someone over here. :D Yeah I was a lot more impressed actually getting out and walking around it. I think just taking a glance at it while driving by on I-30 doesn't give it much justice. I've gotten the impression the building isn't liked a lot in quite a few people's opinion who live in the area. Now if I can just manage to go by sometime when it's open. I wonder if they allow pics inside.

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I guess I don't mind post-modern architecture so much so the Library doesn't bother me too much. I do know it's not particularly liked by a number of residents in Little Rock either. But whether you like the look of it or not it has really helped revitalize that area of the city. I'd like to see what that area will be like in 5-10 years.

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Nice pictures! So that's what the bridge to the 21st century looks like...

Thanks. :D Speaking of bridges that old railroad bridge next to the Library is supposed to be converted into a pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River in the near future. It will be a nice addition for that area.

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