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New York Life Building-KC


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I really like that building in KC. But thats not the first Skyscrapper in Missouri! THe first skyscrapper in Missouri and the WORLD was built in St. Louis. I guess this is a little known fact so i just wanted to let everyone know. It's called the Wainright Building. The Wainright Building was designed by architect Louis Sullivan and was built in 1891. The building is located on 7th Street in Downtown St. Louis.


^^^ that is the link to the pictures....

ps this may sound dumb..but how do you post pictures on the actual Reply??? im challenged in the technology field!

thanks :wacko::w00t:

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ANewSTL, the Wainwright Building was not the first in Missouri or the world.

The New York Life Building in Kansas City was completed BEFORE the Wainwright Building. It is 12-stories and 180 ft. in height. The Wainwright Building is 10-stories, and 146 ft. in height. The New York Life Building was Missouri's first skyscraper. The fact that it is better known does not make it the first skyscraper in Missouri.


Height (struct.) 45 m 147 ft

Height (roof) *

Height (main roof) *

Floors (OG) 10

Construction end 1892

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