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Uptown Charlotte Project Rundown


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I have updated the Uptown Project Rundown aerial with the latest. I apologize in advance for including the Center City Partner's proposal for Baseball, Third Ward Park, and Second Ward. :) If the deal crashes and burns, as many on this board hope, then I'll update it again with that news. But for now, this is the plan that is under review by the public entities.

  • Click HERE to view the older Uptown Rundown Thread.

  • Click HERE to view the UrbanPlanet development maps using Google maps.

  • Click HERE to view Charlotte Center City Partner's development report.

Click the image for the high resolution version.


I left the numbers out of this version, but this list of links is very tedious to manipulate, so I'll leave the numbers this time.

Project Legend (NOTE: Click on the name to go to the related Urban Planet thread.)

01 Center City Streetcar Spurs

02 South Light Rail

03 615 East Morehead

04 Irwin Creek Greenway

05 Trade Street Streetcar/Pedestrian Improvements

06 Multimodal Station

07 Third Ward Park

08 Wachovia Tower

09 Davidson Street Extension

10 Metro School

11 Independence-Kenilworth Intersection

12 Little Sugar Creek Greenway

13 Target - Home Depot

14 Midtown Square Condo Tower and Shops, Best Buy

15 Grubb Elizabeth Ave Development

16 Seaboard Street Extension

17 5th Street Extension

18 The Citidan

19 The Park Condos

20 Trademark Condos

21 Third Ward Park Complementary Development

22 Adam's Mark Redevelopment

23 The Avenue Condos

24 South Blvd/277 Reconfiguration

25 2nd Ward Master Plan

26 Courtside Condos

27 Court6 Condos

28 The Renwick

29 Drakeford 8th St. Houses

30 M Street Condos

31 Piedmont Court Hope IV Redev.

32 Alpha Cotton Mill Apartments

33 Brevard Street Widening / Pedestrian Improvements

34 First Ward Park and Parking Deck

35 CPCC Master Plan

36 Garrison at Graham

37 Fourth Ward Greenway

38 North Commuter Rail

39 I-77 HOV Lane

40 230 S. Tryon St. Condos

41 Hampton Inn Clock Tower

42 North East Light Rail

43 Epicentre

44 Trade Street Federal Courthouse

45 Polk Bldg Redevelopment

46 Queens University Law School

47 Portman Plaza Offices

48 Cornerstone 300 S. Tryon Offices

49 Amtrak High Speed Rail

50 CitiLine Development - Skybox

51 Reflections Towers

52 The Vue

53 1st Row Warehouse

54 Fiber Mills/NC Music Factory

55 200 W 10th

56 Wachovia Main

57 Hal Marshall Site

58 Levine Master Plan


60 Arena Outparcels

61 NASCAR Hall of Fame

62 Lazes Entertainment District

63 Furman's 7th and Mcdowell Village

64 Days Inn Site

65 Berkman Tower at Carolina Theatre

66 Cornerstone Condos at Carrillon

67 Gateway Village Expansion

68 "West End"/Coffee Cup Area

69 Ritz Carlton

70 2 Corporate Center

71 Arts Campus (Theatre/Bechtler/Mint/Wake Forest MBA/AACC)

72 The Ratcliffe Phase II/Wachovia Condos

73 Johnson and Wales Business School

74 Spectrum Graham/Trade Residential Tower/Retail

75 Warehouse:3

76 The Piazza

77 Third Ward Warehouse District

78 Royal Court

79 Merryland Mixed Income Apartments

80 Myer's Street Extension

81 Furman 7th and Alexander Townhomes

82 First Ward Elementary Playground

83 New Baxter Bridge

84 TwoTenTrade

Projects Completed since 2000

C1 Sycamore Green

C2 Johnson & Wales

C3 Post Gateway

C4 Gateway Lofts

C5 Mt Moriah Church

C6 J&W Dorms

C7 Charlotte Cotton Mills

C8 Fifth and Poplar

C9 Silos

C10 626 N Graham

C11 715 N Church

C12 Hearst Tower

C13 First Ward Elem.

C14 Tivoli

C15 Cityview Lofts/Towns

C16 Skyline Terrace

C17 10th St Towns/Alex Lofts

C18 Saussy Burbank Homes

C19 Trinity Episcopal School

C20 Children & Family Services

C21 CPCC Facilities Services

C22 CPCC IT Building

C23 CPCC Prof Dev Building

C24 Ratcliffe on the Green

C25 Westin Charlotte

C26 3 Wachovia

C27 CPCC Academic Center

C28 Imaginon Children's Theatre/Library

C29 Meck Courthouse Parking Deck

C30 Meck Courthouse

C31 City View Towers Student Apts.

C32 CVS Pharmacy / Offices

C33 NBA Bobcats Arena

C35 Settler's Place

C36 Jefferson Place


Let me know if there are any updates or errors. Thanks!

Here are the higher resolution maps for each neighborhood:

First Ward


Second Ward


Third Ward


Fourth Ward




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What the hell is Ray's Splash Planet?

and Lazes Entertainment

Ray's Splash Planet is an indoor water park built by Mecklenburg County Park and Rec on surplus land next to Irwin Elementary. It is pretty popular and brings kids from all over the city and county. You can see it from 77, and is quite a mod looking building.

Lazes Entertainment District is Noah Lazes' land around Silver Hammer Studio and NC Music Factory. It is all part of his plan to build an entertainment area in that corner. He has proposed in the past, to put the Knights up there. He has also proposed many different solutions to the transportation problem to get there, including a street through the cemetary, and a bridge over the tracks by the ADM mills. Instead, he will only get a new Seaboard Street Extension, that the city will vote on fairly soon.

The only active part of that project, however, is the renovation of the old mill there into the NC Music Factory, and the various clubs and restaurants around it. The rest will just be parking until his project expands.

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I'm not really sure where to put this, so I'll jam it in here.. Next weeks CBJ seems to have been custom designed for posters on this site. It's an issue devoted to forecasting Charlotte in 2006 and touches on most of the more popular subjects discussed on this board (including a prediction that Wachovia will make a huge acquisition in the 2006-07 timeframe). There's really no new information, but it's a nice concise package nonetheless.

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Wow, I had NO idea this much was going on in Charlotte. It's been growing for some time now, but I feel now it's really cooking. Since Charlotte is now getting some size on it, with the new MSA exceeding 2,000,000, it won't be too much longer it will be even higher on the city scale. It is quite exciting to see a city on the rise.

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Great work, hey I was wondering what is going on at 13th and N Tryon, the old Charlotte Seaboard Air Line Station, I know at one point it was a homeless shelter, but I drove by there today and it appears they have added to and/or renovated it. Wondering if you might know what is going on with this property. After researching, I could not find a parcel number for it.

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Dubone, once again you have provided us with some amazing stuff. Since I am a visual person I want to thank you for all of the time you put into the maps and images on UP. I really appreciate and enjoy looking at them.

Thank you and you're welcome.

Every time I start to put one of these together it baffles me how many times I remember another project and yet another project. There really are so many going on right now. I even dropped out a number of the completed projects that I had included last time because there were so many. Now I am only showing those completed since the aerial photographs were taken.

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Charlotte's growth now, can give us modern people a sense of what it was like for those in the turn of the last century to be living in a "city on the rise". Kinda like Chicago in the late 1800s after the great fire.

Most of us are accustomed to gradual change, and seeing the edges of cities sprawl out, into the farms. Urban rebuilding is just not so much of a shared late 20th century experience in America.

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Dubone, thanks for the work and sharing. I was not aware of the "active" spectrum condo project next to the queens law school project in the old courthouse on trade street - accross from cityview towers in Third ward. Does spectrum just own the land, or have they been public about plans for it?

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Great work, hey I was wondering what is going on at 13th and N Tryon, the old Charlotte Seaboard Air Line Station, I know at one point it was a homeless shelter, but I drove by there today and it appears they have added to and/or renovated it. Wondering if you might know what is going on with this property. After researching, I could not find a parcel number for it.

Here is the building I am reffering to, looks kinda cool but I have no idea what it will be used for.


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I have updated the rundown maps above with the following projects:

- Novare's 3rd Ward Condo Tower

- Urban Minitries building (I haven't driven by that area in a while, did I put it in the correct place?)

- Corrected the details around the trolley tracks and the UNCC building

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This is the best edition of the "Uptown Project Rundown" yet. (I had not seen the update with this new map).

Excellent work.

It appears as if the surface lots will not be with us much longer.

Absolutely. The best. However, the 3rd Ward Park should be where the baseball stadium is. :D

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:) Yeah, graydog, I took some artistch licence on that one. Thanks, moonshield. Also, since my freaking power is out, I can't correct it yet, but I drove by and noticed that the urban ministries only take up the western half of that block. I'll fix it later.
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I have corrected the Urban Ministries details. I also added that Charlotte Housing Authority plans to build Hope VI residential on the blocks just east of Alpha Mill between Brevard and Caldwell. I knew they planned to build mixed income housing throughout Optimist Park and Belmont. But I didn't notice until yesterday, when looking at the owners of some of the parcels in that area, that they bought that property more than a year ago.

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hi cinco, let us not forget the park condos

yes, yes, of course. my bad. if all 11 of these projects get built it will change the shape of charlotte dramatically. turbocraig, i too, have fallen for the berkman. if they use REAL building materials on that project, she will be a subtle masterpiece. kinda of like the interstate tower in charlotte... pure beauty.

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