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Emporis lists a 16 story building that was approved in Memphis. Does anyone have any information on it?

A couple years ago there was such a building proposed for the south bluffs/southend area. I don't know, but it may have been proposed by some of the people who are now doing the Horizon Towers. I guess perhaps the proposal just morphed into the Horizon deal.

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The single 16 story building evolved into the Horizon twin 16-story tower development south of Riverside Towers (correct me if I have the name wrong...I remember it was the old Holiday Inn-Rivermont which was later the Rivermark Apartments). This photo was taken from Martyr's Park looking east across the development site. In the distance you can see another development which I think is called Riverside 648 (low rise condos from an old warehouse). Outside the image, just to the right (south) is a development called Founders Pointe, which is an upscale housing development off Channel 3 drive.

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