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Aiken County


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Korean motor company KIA, is looking to possibly open a large american plant in Aiken county. The plant ill employ around 1,500 workers, and would be located close to I-20. A Toyota plant could also consider the county as well. Both plants would be a first of it's type in the Augusta-Aiken Area.

Aiken county already is a major emplyment leader for the Augusta-Aiken Metropolitian Area. Westinghouse (Savannah River Site) SRS, Bridgestone/Firestone are a few of it's major employers.

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that's great news about Kia and Toyota. How close are they to making a decision and who is their competition?

Well the AUG Chronicle didn't list the details of that and apparently it may still be a while before a decision is made. Nevertheless, wherever it ends up, will definitely give and MSA a significant boost in their economy.

Average salary of these workers reported at around $65,000.

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I'll keep my fingers crossed. I have alway been a huge advocate of the CSRA. I have always thought that Aiken County has such an enormous potential. So much area for development as well as an extremely qualified workforce. I also hope to see SRS find a progressive permanent use. Hopefully the Hydrogen research will take off and SRS can use its infrastructure and employee base as a draw for a headquarters of sorts.

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