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San Marco Riverfront District


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The Riverwalk will extend through the mixed-use urban village site's 4 acres of wetlands and circle the development, which includes a townhome neighborhood on the east portion of the property.


Plans call for 350,000 square feet of retail, which is about a third the size of The Avenues mall. A 600-slip marina also is planned.


Developers plan to construct 2,000 condominiums and townhomes and the site would include several condominium towers approaching 20 stories.

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This sounds like a very exciting project. I for one am very interested to see how it progresses. I think it will really complete the Southbank/ San Marco developement.

I am very however very skeptical about the schoolboard parking-lot easement problem. I just wish they would move that ugly schoolboard building from such a great site that could be developed or at least not hinder the development of other benefically projects.

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Welcome to the forum July555 !

I think the school board will come around as long as they are paid for the land that they will lose. If they don't, any board member that opposes it should be defeated. If they are not intelligent enough to understand the benefits of this project going forward, they are not intelligent enough to serve in any public office.

This project will pay millions of dollars in tax revenue, about half of which will go to the schools. This project will raise the value of there remaining property substantially, and they plan to sell in the next few years anyway. Not agreeing to this would put the board at odds with JEA and the city, certainly that does not benefit anyone. This development would probably place very little burden on the board in terms of children that have to be educated, far less than the revenue it would bring.

Not to mention all the benefits of urban vs. suburban development, and what it does for Downtown.

This is a no-brainer if there ever was one.

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^ :lol:

All the designs of this project look great. It's not the most centralized location, but the waterfront location is great. I would hope that eventually the school board would just move off of the river. Then we could see a continuous string of urban development; Peninsula/Strand/Vu, San Marco Place, School Board Property, Riverfront. :)

~Tyler, who wonders what kind of retail this project could support.

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