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The Yoke in on them

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HOUSTON -- A man who appeared at Houston City Hall threw an egg at council members Wednesday afternoon during his public speaking time, News2Houston reported.

The egg splattered on the wall behind council. Police quickly escorted Robert Horton out of council chambers.

Witnesses said Horton tossed the egg as he was told that his time had expired. He then told council, "Y'all have a good day" and an expletive.

News2Houston asked Horton why he threw the egg.

"Because that's just what's going to happen to earth," he said.

Horton has been a regular at council meetings, addressing members on a variety of bizarre, rambling topics -- many of which seemed incoherent.

"I am the one that funded NASA. I own our space missions," Horton told council before tossing the egg.

Mayor Pro Tem Carol Alvarado thought Horton aimed the egg at her.

"I thought it was a rock. I didn't know what it was. I first looked to see where it hit -- to see how serious this person was -- aiming for me or another council member," Alvarado said.

Mayor Bill White was not in the room during the egg attack, but returned a short time later. He made light of the incident.

"Certainly, we shouldn't distribute eggs," White said. "I'm not whining or complaining. There are people out there who are public employees doing their job every day in much more dangerous situations than council."

The incident raised questions about city hall security. But metal detectors would not detect many objects -- like bricks, rocks or eggs.

"I think our security is good. We have metal detectors that stops most of the people," said Mark Goldberg, Houston City Council member.

Horton was charged with disrupting a public meeting, which is a misdemeanor.

Some city leaders believe he should be banned from City Hall, but they are not sure if they have the legal right to do so.

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LOL. That's a first! I've heard of chairs being thrown at our city council meetings, but never any eggs.

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