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St. Mary's Healthcare Construction


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Anyone know where this is (or will be)? $55 million is a good number :thumbsup:

I wonder if this is separate from the Neurosciences expansion?

I know the Xavier Building on Cherry Street is coming down soon. Several departments are relocating, including some into a vacant building over of the much-maligned State Street. I'm not sure if this is part of that project or not.

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I know the Xavier Building on Cherry Street is coming down soon.

It's going to fun to watch those 10 stories fall. :silly:

If so, then it would be this building:


It sounds right. The price tags are similar, and I think Emergency is right next to Xavier on Cherry Street, which is mentioned to be expanded and updated.

It that a new parking ramp fronting Jefferson St?

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That's a good point GaryP. They should swap them. The bright side is that it will hopefully free up some of those surface lots in that area that St. Mary's owns.

That is exciting. There are a ton of forward thinking people living very close to those lots in Heritage hill. I think there are going to be some really great options for retail when that ramp does get finished. I just can't believe heartside's potential!

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Oh, probably. For some reason GR and parking ramps are like peanut butter and jelly. <_<

Yeah, what's up with that? When I was living in Chicago during the recent construction boom, nearly all new buildings included storefront retail, with 6-8 levels of parking, then the hotel, condos, offices above that. Is land so cheap and available that free-standing parking structures are the cheapest way to go?

Seems like having a revenue generator like in-building parking would be advantageous for most developers. Not to mention attractive to tenants. I know I enjoyed it when I worked in the John Hancock Center.

Any thoughts?

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It seems like a developer wants to only go so far to make a profit. Why spend more money on making a ramp more userfriendly when it will make a decent profit nomatter what.

Maybe the other part is that s that some developers would rather let the city build 'em. And the city apparently won't build anything but a plain ol' crappy one. Maybe some retail, but thats it. I dunno, just thinkin out loud..... :whistling:

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