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What is your favorite island


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My favourite island is Rhode Island of course! :lol:

Actually, I've never been to a tropical island. My favourite island would probably be Sampson's Island on the coast of Osterville and Cotuit on Cape Cod. If you can wait until July, the swimming's great there.

Manhattan's a pretty cool island too. Montreal, another great island.

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I've been to Key West, and I loved it. Nice scenery, interesting people, great bars and restaurants, and it is always WARM. Key West is a little pricey now, but I would go back there again in a heart beat. Very laid-back place.

From weather.com:

Today HI/LO Precip.

Jan 23 Sunny 68

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As nice as key west is, it's attached to the mainland by a road so it's not the same as an island where you have to get there by boat or plane. I was thinking of Carribean Islands in particular. I've been to the virgin islands and they are very nice with great snorkling. Never been to jamaca or Puerto Rico, or any of the smaller islands further east and south.

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