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Happy 2006.


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(wasn't sure where to post it, so I put it here)

Happy 2006 to all forumers!

I enjoyed myself here on this forum in 2005, especially in the photo section. To all you photographers out there, keep up the good work. ;):thumbsup:

I would like to end the year with a picture of me in Seattle. My American relative took this picture when I visited him. I really miss the U.S., and I hope to return there soon. I hope I could find a job there after my studies.

Anyway, happy 2006 y'all, and have a fantastic new year's eve! :shades:


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Happy 2006, everyone!

I have very much enjoyed posting in this forum and learning what I ca here. I hope I have brought a little bit of Atlanta (and Georgia) to the people here in return :)

I look forward to the coming year both in my life and in my time here :)

So, how'd everyone celbrate? I spent the evening with some family friends. We came home just in time to see the countdown. Afterwards, I put on a little fireworks and sparklers show (as is the Georgia tradition, even when they were illegal here)

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Sadly enough, my wife and I fell asleep before midnight here in California while watching a South Park mini marathon. :( Saw the celebration in Times Square though when they hit midnight. All in all, fairly uneventful. :huh: But, really looking forward to this forum in 2006! Happy New Year to all!

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