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Sprawl looks awesome from the air


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I'm amazed at how dense western sprawl is. Of course it's still sprawl but its much denser than most eastern sprawl. If only those streets were gridded better and the land uses weren't so segregated, you'd almost have an urban setting. I'm also amazed how most western sprawl, despite having an abundance of street fronting garages, usually has sidewalks.

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I always thought sprawl looked cool at night. It's a big field of lights. It's like Christmas. During the day though, it's usually boring or ugly. Only a few spots look pretty, and it's usually because they have some kind of physical landform obstructing them from making neat little squares and circles.

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If they could just have better street layouts it wouldn't een be sprawl, especially since the areas are so new there are no older urban areas that need redeveloping. There is definately some interesting architecture, mostly in Albuquerque.

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Sprawl is interesting from the air, but I've always been more impressed with large industrial complexes and interesting buildings than just the sheer expanse of sprawl. Check out my blog for some pix. Oh... and nature unblemished by people looks pretty good from the air as well.

I Agree with you. The boeing factory near Seattle must be really impressive to see from the air.

Nature is awesome too. I photographed mount baked, in northern washington, from a plane last summer.

Can't compare that with sprawl, it looks nicer. See it for yourself:




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