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AZP Baseball Museum


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I agree. That would be nice downtown. I think that proposal's been kicking around now for a couple years, so I don't know what the status is. The museum would attract an awful lot of field trips for schools and little leaguers across the mid-south area.

I'm not sure of the reasons, but Memphis seems to be a hotbed of baseball interest. Maybe it goes back to the strong fan ties between Memphis and the St. Louis Cardinals. I know that Memphis is the Cards' no. 2 market outside St. Louis. Probably because St. Louis was for years up until the 60's the nearest thing to a southern team. I know the Cards fanbase is deep into Mississippi and Arkansas as well.

Anyway, a pic. Hope it shows up. Pbase seems to be in and out these days. I believe the building is on the north side of Madison on the same block as the Sterrick Building.


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I like the design except for the huge bat. ;) I would really like to see the museum get done. Sleepy is right, Memphis is a hotbed of baseball interest, and a museum would do well there.

ya i agree the bat tooks tacky to me... i mean why stop there. we need a giant neon baseball moving into a giant glove! ;)

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I think it's on the same side of Madison (south side) as AZP and the Y, across the street from Sterick, the new Chamber, etc. Next to the parking garage that folks that live at the Y apts use perhaps? The area where there is glass has or at lest it used to have this huge Peabody Place banner that covered the entire side of that building.

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