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Memphis' Cotton Museum


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The Memphis Cotton Museum in the Cotton Exchange Building is expected to open early in 2006. According to the website, it sounds pretty interesting. Not sure how much importance cotton plays in the Memphis economy, but I believe the Memphis cotton exchange is still the largest in the US.


Memphis Cotton Exchange:


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I forgot which business magazine I saw it in, but like 4 of the top 5 traders of cotton are based in the metro area. Not just Dunavant. Is Anderson Tully a cotton trader? Anyway the article was kind of a negative piece on the cotton lobby. Rats, I can't remember the magazine.

Anyway, this is great news. Cotton has had an incredible impact on Memphis's growth in the past, and it's nice to see us honoring it. Hopefully it's a comprehensive assessment that includes frank acknowledgement of some of the negatives that grew out of the 1800s (which obviously weren't limited merely to cotton harvesting, but all kinds of farming). Such honesty could breed a valuable interrelationship between this museum, some of the music institutions, and the Civil Rights museum.

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^Yup, my middle-class East Memphis mom grew up picking cotton in East Arkansas--by hand of course. Around Thanksgiving break, she and her siblings would always go back in the fields after they'd been picked over to try and pick the remnants for Christmas money.

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