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They had the "Best of Free Beer & Hot Wings" on this morning and I was just rolling over the story about the candle in the car :rofl::rofl:

During national political seasons, it's Drudge and OpinionJournal. Nowadays it's GRPress, WOODTV, Weather.com, MiBiz (occasionally), UP...

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I'm sure I've forgot a few. news.bbc.co.uk and scotsman.com were high on the list a few months ago, but have since dropped off. ESPN and Fox sports are also pretty high on the list, but not daily.

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Better than a link to nambla though. :P

Wow, I can't believe someone broke out the Nambla....... I haven't heard that acronym for a long time. My old boss use to joke with one his business partners that he was a member of Nambla (kidding of course).

What a bunch of creepy freeks..........(Don't google it, you may be in for a surprise that you don't want) :angry:

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