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Bass Pro Shops Coming to GR?


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I'm just going to spill the beans. I hear that Bass Pro Shops is looking to build a new Outdoor World/Mixed Use/Hotel village near 10 Mile and Algoma in Plainfield Township (Rockford exit). Who's got the skinny on this? Apparently this would be IF Cabela's plans in Walker fall through (which may or may not be true :ph34r: )



Fess up :ph34r:

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I guess i'm still foggy, has it been confirmed that Cabellas is trying to land in Walker? I know that there, is a huge chunk of real estate where all the houses have been vacated. I think it would add credence that something massive, if not cabellas, is planning on Developing that four mile/ Walker Ave. Stretch. What would that mean for those roads, and surrounding areas. They'd most certainly have to be completely redisigned/ rebuilt. What would it mean for the Alpine corridor, which is already the busiest shopping artery in the Metropolitan area, handling far more cars than it was built to facilitate?

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