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Florida's 2004-2005 population gain the highest of any state.


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According to census estimates Florida gained 404,000 people from 2004-2005 raising it's population to at least 17,800,000. In comparism Texas added 388,000 and California added a surprisingly low,for California that is, 290,000. I guess the appeal of California is wearing off,I don't know why the appeal was there in the first place.

An interesting thing is that it appears that more Americans (not recent immigrants) want to live in Florida than they do in Texas. About 110,000 of the gain in Texas is from immigrants compared to 87,000 in Florida. Meaning about 278,000 were either born in Texas or moved there,compared to 317,000 for Florida.

Florida's population density is now 330 people per sq mile.

I'm guessing Florida's 2010 population to be between 19,551,000-19,821,000. Whatever it is it's almost certainly will be over 19,000,000 by 2010. Even if the state grew at a lowly 240,000 a year.

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