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Lansing Construction/Renovation Update: New Years Day 2006


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Just an update on some projects wrapping up, and some finally beginning. Hopefully, this base will provide a platform for bigger and better things this year, especially with our new, ambitious mayor. Unforunately, and to be expected, the sky was cloudy. What made it worst is the relatively warm weather making everything looking so drearing and almost early spring-like:

The Arbaugh Lofts nearing completion. The office space on the ground floor seems to be the only major thing left, and that's nearly done, as well. I kind of wished the new cornice didn't look so "tacted on" but it looks great lit at night.


The Ranney Building work seems to be on the interior at the moment/


The first phase of the Prudden Place Apartments is complete (left). The 4 building complex will be expanded by 4 more buildings, probably in the spring. New industrial-esque windows are going in on the Prudden Factory Lofts next door. I'm still confused as to why they didn't finish the paintjob before putting in all of the windows unless they've decided the color they used isn't right (I don't think it is). Maybe it's a primer???




A view from within the old warehouse district (where Prudden in located) of part of the skyline peaking out. This area is still pretty industrial and very gritty. It has yet to see any spin-off development from the decades old Oldsmobile Park.


Now, a few random downtown shots starting with Capitol View (only the top two floors are still in the works)


Capitol Hall. It looks like it could use some more TLC. They totally renovated the ground floor, recently. It's been home to a coffee shop for a few years now.


The base of the Farnum State Office Building. Nothing special, but one of the few International-styled buildings in the city.


The Abel B. Sykes Technoloy Building on the campus of Lansing Community College in downtown Lansing.


The northside of the 700 East Block of Michigan Avenue at the eastern edge of downtown. The Lansing City Rescue Mission is slightly expanding to allow for more beds. They own and use four of the storefronts on this block.


In the southeast corner of downtown the Chicago and Victorian-style Printer's Row townhomes are starting to rise.


Now, off to the Eastside...

The new Pattengill Middle School is going up across from Lansing Catholic High School and the new East Village neighborhood. The old schools' fate remains in limbo. It's the oldest middle school in the city. The thing is huge, and I could get the whole thing (one of the last photos of the pan came out horrible).


Looking north from the armory


The Marshall Street Armory, home of the Lansing-based 1st Battalion, 119th Field Artillery, borders to the south of the New Pattengill Middle School.


Maybe some military buff can tell me exactly what type of weapon this is...


A small update on East Village which is still slowly progressing...It looks like they are finally putting the street lights in.


Downtown is over the hill...



Lastly, two photos of the newly renovated Logan Square, a suburban-styled, 60's era, open-air shopping center that had fallen into extreme disrepair. They've updated the facades, finally. This was easily one of the ugliest retail establishments in the city, and what's worse is that it was so huge. I think I remember hearing the owner wanted to put even more businesses within the giant surface lot of this L-shapped plaza.



Lastly, a random shot of some grit: The Boichot Concrete complex in North Lansing just north of Old Town


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Yeah, the little retail center is nearing completion. During one of the mayoral transition meetings, Kevin Greene director of the Lansing PSD (Principal Shopping District) said that next time something is developed so close to downtown it ought to have at least two floors with residential on top. I agree. That is an under-use of that site.

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BTW, here's the link to Mayor Bernero's inauguration speech today:


I must say, inauguration speeches are usually always great, but I have a lot of hope for Mayor Bernero. I particularly like the one of the themes he's stood behind for years now: making downtown Lansing the hub of the wheel (region) instead of just another spoke.

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Nice pics.

I agree with you on the color of the Prudden Factory lofts, they need to go with a color closer to the origional, that orange-yellow looks nasty. And I'm not an exert on Military stuff but I'm pretty sure thats and anti-aircraft gun. And I'm really glad they fixed up Logan Center, I have my doubts theat they will be able to fill it up but that place really needed to be fixed up.

Also, in the LSJ Bernero is quoted as saying "We will build a new image as Michigan's First City. We will make downtown Lansing downtown to mid-Michigan. I am already working to bring new companies and new jobs into the heart of our city" and "There is a lot of excitement building and major developments on the horizon and for good reason - we are poised for takeoff." I have a feeling that this year we are going to see several major developments be announced, the way Bernero's talking they are already in the works and they have just kept them under wraps. I'm hoping for something big to be announced by next month, maybe sooner.

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They'll be able to fill up Logan Square, especially with the cosmetic work they've done. But, until slightly more wealthy people move into the area, the stores will be rather low-end, that much is for sure. I really wouldn't be surprised to see another dollar store, or two.

As for Bernero's big dreams, I really wondering if he is just talking to talk (he's known for that), or if he's really got something's under his sleeve? I'm not so much impressed with him as I am the team that he's surrounded himself with and how even before he got into office he built a citizens base with the transition meetings. I don't think any other Lansing mayor has ever done that. If you get the citizens working from the get-go there is bound to be good things to follow.

As for the gun, I was thinking anti-aircraft, too.

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I hope he's not just running his mouth but given the people he has surrounded himself with I expect the reviving of old projects and the realization of others, plus new projects that are a result of the momentum already being created. Even if Bernero doesn't have any real plans on the table their will still be plenty of projects coming up next year. I'm going to go ahead and start a "2006 Developments" thread.

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