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Lehigh Valley, PA- photos, discussion, development...

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Over the weekend I took a few pics of Bethlehem and of Allentown. The 4 county metro area is 779,816 as of July 2004 and growing at a steady pace. Bethlehem is known as Christmas City USA and very nice around the holidays. The area was founded by Moravians and Pennsylvania Germans and the influence is still felt even as New Jersey's unofficial borders push on west. I didn't have my night lens on and was in a hurry when I took a lot of these pics, but it should give an idea of what the area looks like.

I'll start with Bethlehem at night on New Years Eve 2005:








And for the daytime in Bethlehem:




Here's looking toward Southside Bethlehem toward Lehigh University, the former steel mills...


The Nativity @ City Hall:


Definate Moravian influence:



The Backside of the Hotel Bethlehem:


Bethlehem's tallest building, the Martin Tower:


The Star of Bethlehem, It's pretty much lit all year:


Ducks on the Lehigh River on New Years Day:



Main Street Commons & the Woolworth building:




And of course the Bank of America, well it's not exactly the 60 story one in Charlotte but... ;)


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And now for Allentown:

Purhaps not the most flattering views of the city but I thought I'd get a few on the way home today:


Of course the PP&L building, the tallest in PA Outside of Philly PBG, and HBG, It's 310 feet I believe. Notice the candle on it that lights up at night...




It seems the best and most urban views of any skyline are from a 45 degree angle, but I just snapped this from the windshield It's the best I could get with people behind me and no comfortable place to pull over. Not to mention it's not the best section of town to pull over and walk around but I thought I'd try and get something resembling a skyline:


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LinJ, agreed with Jayayess, any updates would be a treat! Let us know how things are going there in the L Valley. Interested on what is developing in that beautiful section of the commonwealth.

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^^One of the really great spots in all of Pa. been a few years since I've been there but fond fond memories.

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I was in Allentown on Monday, dropping off my younger brother at college. The area immeadly around Muhlenberg was a very nice, older neighborhood. However, the road to get to it (Ceder Crest) was full of strip malls and fast food places..very typical suburbian.

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Is that bad? If they were run down and pawn shop land I'd agree, but unfortunately archeologists of the 25th century will judge the extent of our civilization on how many Chuck-E-Cheezes and Outback Steakhouses you had on your main business strip. I don't care for it but many American's think they are on the set of Diliverance if they DON'T find a strip mall temple for 10 straight miles outside your town. Sad but true, still doesn't beat the views and ambience of the LV area.

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Nice shots of Allentown and Bethlehem.

I love the colonial style look of downtown Bethlehem. They've kept that old town feel very fresh-looking.

The skylines of A'town/Beth are sort of dull, considering the growth the area has experienced. Take away the PPL Building and the Martin Tower (which is strangely situated in a suburban-type park location outside of downtown), and you have two low-rise skylines. Most of the region's growth appears to have been via suburban sprawl. In a few years, the area will blend into New Jersey seamlessly. Time to change the name maybe to East New Jersey?

I heard a couple of cool proposals for new high rise condos in Bethlehem, including one near downtown. I think it was 18 or 19 stories. Would be a great addition.

Jealous that the good fortune that has befallen the Lehigh Valley has not spread more northward into the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valleys. We could use a lot more good jobs in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

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