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Going to Chicago, what should I see?


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Hey everyone! I'm from Atlanta and pretty soon I'll be going to Chicago for the first time! I'd like to know from all you Chicogoans what are the best places to see and visit in Chi-Town? Not just the well known sites, but the lesser known places as well. Also, any hotel or restaurant suggestions are welcomed. I'm so excited to come see your great city, but I need to know from you guys what I should do there!

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I'm not from m Chicago, but I can reccomend a few of the more obvious things. I stayed at the Embassy Suites, not too far from the Navy Pier, it is a very nice hotel, I think we paid about $180 per night. The only memorable resturaunt we went to was the Hard Rock CAfe, whenever I'm in a city with one I try to go there. As for places to visit there are the museums and stuff: The Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry (my favorite) and the Planatarium (I can't remember the name.) Also there is the Navy Pier and either the John Hancock and Sears Tower observation deck, I prefered the John Hanckock's. And if you like the bar/club scene you HAVE to check out Rush St. at night.

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