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NCB's Trip Through Mississippi


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Coming back from Arkansas, I decided to take I-20 from Shreveport across Louisiana and into Mississippi, and then take I-55 south at Jackson. I have a few(not so great) pictures from my trip back.

Coming up to the bridge over the Mississippi River in Vicksburg


Welcome to Mississippi!


I couldn't get any shots of Vicksburg, but I did get the water tower. :D


Some interstate views




A shot of the land around I-55


The only shot of Jackson's skyline I was able to get. You can see it popping up over the trees


Yea they're not that great, but I wanted to bring some more Mississippi to the forum. :D

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Thanks for the pics Nate. That hilly looking pic took me by surprise to be honest. Wasn't quite expecting to see it look quite like that around there.

Vicksburg is on steep, steep hills overlooking the River. North of Vicksburg, in the Delta, the land along the river is perfectly flat.

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