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85 / 385 Interchange


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This entire interchange needs a rebuild!

AMEN! Exiting off of I-385 Southbound onto Woodruff Road is more dangerous than ever. They really need to re-design the entire interchange, complete with flyover ramps so that the impossible/dangerous merge situation is removed from the equation. It's unfortunately going to take a few fatalities before the need will be recognized by SCDOT ... or before the cost/benefit analysis makes sense to them at least ... :angry:

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You're preaching to the choir on this one buddy, well said. I'd say make the lane from northbound 85 to southbound 385 just another Woodruff Road exit, and give the people who are truly trying to get from nb 85 to sb385 a flyover to avoid that whole mess, I'd much rather put up with merging traffic that is moving, than avoid cars waiting to get onto Woodruff Road. I know northbound to southbound portions of interchanges don't normally get flyovers, but I believe one would be warranted in this situation. Fly it right over Woodruff Road and bring it down on the other side, they need not worry about making it easier to sit and wait to get on Woodruff Road. Instead make it easier for traffic to flow on the interstate without avoiding parked cars. I drive 385 5 days a week and that is without a doubt the most hated part of the trip for me, Fairview Road in Simpsonville is right up there but thats material for another thread. :D

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