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2006 Developments


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2006 is looking to be a very promising year in Downtown Lansing (and East Lansing) development, here is a listing of whats going on. Feel free to Add anything I missed. (I borrowed some of Lmich's pics for this, I'm too lazy to go get my own ;) )

The Stadium District-

A four story, 119,000 sq. ft. building with 40 apartments, 18 condos and ~31,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail. Construction is to start in Spring and be completed by Summer of '07.


The Abrams lofts-

Five floors are to be added to the former Abrams Arial Survey building on North Larch the building is to rise over 100'overlooking Olds Park. The project is to include 32 lofts with 18' celings and ground floor retail. As of October '05 the developer had contacted the city about zoning and tax breaks and had engineers and architects reviewing the project. The developer's own real estate company is to occupy one half of the ground floor.


Prudden Factory Lofts-

This very large 3 story factory built in 1922 is being converted into 130 lofts. The project is already underway, there is no completion date, but it will likely be done this year.


Prudden Place-

Four more buildings are to be added to the four buildings already constructed. Unkown start or completion date, but will likely be this year.


Printers Row-

A total of 17 units are to be constructed at Grand & St. Joeseph. Nine rowhouses along Grand and three more in the rear in addition to 5 condos along St. Joe. Construction is well under way and completion is set for Spring.


Hollister Building-

The Boji's have announced that they plan to restore the Hollister building and create 20 lofts in it when the State's temporary lease runs out in late 2006. I wouldn't be suprised to see this turned into a full loft conversion of the building if the downtown housing market continues to improve.


Sparrow Expansion-

Not exactly a downtown development a nice addition to the skyline never the less. Sparrow is building the 10 story, 185' tall, 190,000 sq. ft. $190 million west wing. I'm not sure on the completion date, but I beleive it will be in 2007.


That's it for the high profile projects, but there are some others that I suspect will be announced as the year progresses...

Performing Arts Center-

With Hollister returning to city government I expect this project to resurface again. The project was supposed to cost $40 million with $15 million coming from the state. The center was to include 3 theaters, a gallery, and a reception area, it was to be built where the Stadium district is planned.

Lansing Center Expansion-

I expect this project to resurface within the next four years of Bernero's term. The plan is for a 180,000 sq. ft. $40 million expansion and a new downtown hotel.

Cooley Auditorium-

With Deluc working so close with the city now I expect the project to become a reality in the near future. It calls for tearing down the Towne Center Building and building 2 theaters, one 2,000 seat and one 500 seats, to be used by Cooley, the Lansing Syphony Orchestra and Boarshead. Dorms and/or classrooms could be built over the auditoriums.


Triangle/Coal Storage Facility-

Also one of Hollister's projects, this calls for a new State Police Headquarters at Kalamazoo & Grand and an apartment building at Shiawassee & Grand. Both projects will likely happen but it is unkown how soon or in what for they will happen. The State Police headquarters depends on the state budget, but is needed and the apartments have been proposed at varying heights and sizes over the past 3 years.

Here are a few East Lansing projects:

West Village-

A four story building located at Grand River & Hillcrest in East Lansing. It will include and unkown number of residential units, some above ~9,000 sq ft of ground floor retail along Grand River (the ground Floor will be residential along most of Hillcrest)


Michgian Museum Place

Strathmore development is proposing a $100 million, 10 floor building at Albert & Grand River. It will house the MSU Museum and ground floor retail with 6 floors of residential above. Construction is to begin in late 2006/early 2007.



Stonehouse Village

This four story building will house ground floor retail, including a Taco Bell, and lofts above. Completion is to be late 2006/early 2007


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Just FYI, my cousin works for Granger and has just been reassigned to the Sparrow Project. Hopefully I will be able to get some information and stuff from him. If so I'll post it!!

If you could get some clarification on the project that would be good. I was just looking at Grangers website and it now says the addition is 400,000 sq. ft. 11 floors and costs $150 million.

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I was just watching News 10, and Bernero said that he has some projects that are ready to be announced, and some in planning. That's great to hear. I'm almost certain it will be about the Cooley Auditorium complex/development seeing as how one of his transtition teams heads was Don LeDuc, who oversees Cooley Law School.

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Thats one project I hope to see happen and soon. Ever since I first heard of the possibility I was excited. I hope that it it includes something above the auditorium(s), and I hope that whatever they end up build will be of a noteble height. I wouldn't be suprised if one of the projects he is speaking of is either Abrams lofts, apartments at Shiwassee & Grand, or something with the BWL sight, or maybe he will suprise us all with something completely new (that would be nice.)

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Yeah, I've always dreamed of the auditorium project as including a small shopping arcade/mall just above the auditorium, and all of this topped by a sizeable residential tower. In fact, I emailed the city a few months back showing them what Dayton,OH did with it's new performing arts center. It's arts center/auditorium is topped by something like a 17 floor residential/office tower.

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You may want to email Bernero with that idea, I'm sure he will have some input into the project. I just looked that project up, I like the concept but I hate the way that particular building looks. It looks like a 1960's Miami hotel. When I emailed Cooley and suggested that they build it in a modern or ultra modern design they replied that whatever they build will match the curren Cooley buildings :( , I hope it wont look too close.

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The current Cooley buildings aren't that bad at all. The Temple Building is an excellent historic building, and the Cooley Center is easily one of the better Postmodern designs in the city. I wouldn't mind the new project looking like either of those, though I would hope they'd add some unique touches to it.

Yeah, Schuster Center (or whatever it's called) isn't that great, but I like the concept and massing. It would be a great concept to model our center off of.

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