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New Fortune Mag profiles new owner of Elvis Presley Ent.


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Don't have online access, but one of the interesting things they mentioned, aside from an eventual Vegas casino was helping non-Graceland properties, such as the Heartbreak Hotel reach their potential. The article stated that the new ownership in conjunction with existing management believe that it could become a convention-caliber hotel. I've long felt that the name had the cache that held the potential for kind of a Gaylord or Peabody type of existence. Maybe even the resort-style level of some Westin and Marriott properties, esp. in Arizona. Except without the golf (or maybe with it?!!).

Anyway, the article mentions nothing about Gaylord, Peabody, or resorts. That's just my imagination. But the article is interesting nonetheless. I'd like to see the hotel become a signature property, kind of merge some of the retail and convention of Peabody and Gaylord with some of the leisure recreation of one of those spa/golf resorts out west. I don't know if golf could be incorporated, because the neighborhood is pretty urban, but with certain exceptions, the potential there is limiteless.

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