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My own perception of Quito


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After a rather long period of inactivity, I come back to Urban Planet, now with my own and currently well exploited digital camera. My earlier pictures of Quito were taken from the Internet, whereas now I will try to post as many pictures as I can taken by myself. I will begin by posting pictures of the oldest, and most reknown part of the city. "El Centro Hist

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Pics! How nice! I go to photobucket.com and use them to host my pictures. Its free and pretty simple to figure out. I'll be on the look out for more of your pictures. You'll just have to upload the pics onto there one by one and then copy the "Img" link into the text of your Up posts.

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Thank you very much GaTechGuy. I am now a user of Photobucket, and this other one which also seems awesome, ImageCave. I had found others before, but they did not resize the pics automatically.


Well, here are more pics....




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