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Do You like new CLT Forum Arrangement?


Do You like new CLT Forum Arrangement?  

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  1. 1. Do You like new CLT Forum Arrangement?

    • No - change it back
    • Yes - makes it easier to find stuff
    • I want something else (explain)
    • What Change?

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For me personally, I look for updates on the projects first, and then sometimes venture to the coffeehouse, so this makes it more difficult for me to see what projects are being currently discussed.....with that said, I liked the old lay-out, but then again, I'm always change adverse....I kept MS Windows 3.2 loaded for years after Windows 95 came out.

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New change is fine, it just threw me with bad bookmarks hehe.

I recommend everyone checking out the forum's new RSS feed. I am so glad one forum software has done it; now you can track all Charlotte and it's sub forums from one feed and that makes it spectacularly quick way to gain whats going on.

Pssst.. its in the bottom left ;)

Firefox has livebookmarks which can fit your RSS feed, or use one of the many aggregators from Yahoo & Bloglines to OS/client apps like Newsgator or Blogbridge.


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