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Kensington Place in Holland

Mark Miller

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Yes it is a Nederveld project, in partnership with geerlings. Here's a site plan from the Holland planning commission:


That's I-196 to the north, and M-40 to the east. I think this image is actually of phase 2. Anyone know?

The project seems to be moving along v-e-r-y slowly.

It's changed a lot from the original plan which was much more small-town, downdown like. I hope this still retains some of the charm of the original proposal.

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Here is a more recent sketch of Homestead with some tweaks to the southern portion. I apologize for the crudeness of the sketch, but it is the best we have at this point. This project has been a constant exercise in modifications to the plan.


I labeled the retail area that goes to the north of the wetlands. This was posted by allbusiness on January 27. (North is up)

The sketch shown above does not include the retail main street to the east or some of the apartments on the east. They have not substantially changed from the CAD drawing posted yesterday.

The area to the west was substantially changed to include more single family homes. The single family homes have a great deal of variety in their lot sizes. There are also some courtyard houses (which front on a green rather than a street). The building on the western edge is a daycare facility. The rectangular buildings are townhouses.

The wetlands have played an important role in the layout of this site.

Someday we hope to have a better overall plan of this project.

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