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Prince Georges County Crime and Future Development

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It seems like the situation is the same in the "black burbs" of a lot of major cities. Unfortunately, it's easiest for black criminals to prey on their own, as they're less likely to be seen as suspicious, even in more upscale areas that are predominantly black. Increased police presence would probably go a long way to improving the situation. from what I've seen, there are a lot of big development projects on the table for Prince Georges. It would be a shame for them not to happen due to a rising crime rate.

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Here's an article I found in the Washington Business journal about some good things going on in Prince George's County.

A decade-long dream for Kevin Sills may be very close to coming true, and it could wake up a sluggish area of Prince George's County with an $800 million development.

Sills, president of Oakton-based Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investments, has been assembling land near the Suitland Metro station for the past 10 years. With one more nod from Prince George's County, he will bring 1,100 residential units and 1 million square feet of retail and office space to an area characterized by aging strip malls and decaying homes.

... Prince George's County is becoming a hot spot for some of the region's largest mixed-use projects. Work continues on the $2 billion National Harbor development. And approvals are pending for a major town center in Landover and a $1.4 billion planned community outside Upper Marlboro.


Sounds like some great things are on the way for this area.

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