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Dave's East Tour Continues

it's just dave

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Okay, East Nashville tour. I took a drive New Years Day morning and concentrated on the Edgefield/Lockeland Springs area. These are the areas that are getting most of the attention lately, and the pictures should show you why. East Nashville's reputation as a haven for crime and low income housing is, on some levels, well deserved. But, the continuing gentrification of these neighborhoods could give any diehard West Sider a reason to think again. Someday, I'll get out and shoot some pix of the not-so-pleasant, but very real parts of East Nashville that's not so well-known. I think I'll take the truck this time. Then, I'll hit Inglewood and surrounding areas. There's so much more to our central city than downtwon. Time to travel around the inner city and see what's there. Here's a start. Hope you don't find these threads too exhausting. I didn't pay too much attention to what Photobucket was doing to my order, so just look at these as a random drive around a two to three square mile area just a mile or two from Nashville's city center. Hope you enjoy. If you don't, pity, I'm gonna load them all. :)

Typical Bungalow


New-ish Condos on Woodland Street.


Woodland Street


Woodland at 15th with Lockeland Springs School at the end, Top of Woodland Bed & Breakfast foreground


Nifty House


Even niftier house, and old Victorian, completely redone...with large home theater behind upper right windows


I believe this is Fatherland with Tulip Street Methodist in background


Tudor on Greenwood Ave, across from Bailey School. My grandparents lived two doors down when I was a kid. Mom lived there until she married.


I've always like this one.


Top of Woodland Bed and Breakfast


Stratton Ave. The mayor lives on this street, his house will come up later.


This house on Stratton has always fascinated me. Looks solid.


Shotguns in Edgefield. Don't think cheap.


Quick trip to Starbucks downtown. Run, Forest, Run.


Old school. Ross? I should know this.


Current rehabbing going on Woodland. I was in the alley.


Mayor Bill Purcell's house is the blue one with the cool porches.


Presbyterian Church across from East Magnet. Will be a major component of the East Roundabout project.


Rendering of the 37206 Building, a component of Martin's Corner, and $20-30 Million development a stone's throw from Five Points. Replaces some real crap.


Love this house. On the periphery of Martin's Corner near 11th and Fatherland.


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