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Daves's East Tour

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Here we go. Part II.

This old house was on the property of the Martin's Corner development. It was moved one block away and is undergoing a 2000 sq ft addtion along with the rehab. Hmmm, copper flashing. I like it.


They moved the old house for Martin's Corner and these single family homes are the replacements. This is Phase One Martin's Corner development. Very cool. Inside and out.


I think I've show this one before, but it's worth a revisit. First time I saw this house, it was literally falling down. Hundred's of thousands later, and you've got this nice little place.


And this one is next door. There's a lot in between. Something will go there someday. Hopefully, it will fit in. Regulations on building are more than tough, we won't worry.


Was inside this one years ago. Larry and Larry have been working on this Italianate mansion for 20 years. Utterly amazing. It's on South 5th.


Holly Street


Here's your chance. Fatherland St. I think. A little TLC and...


Back of a Forrest Ave. rehab. I've been watching this one. They took it down to barebones, but kept the historical integrity. Will look great. And think state-of-the-art kitchen and the works. Amazing stuff going on around here.


New discovery on Forrest.


More Forrest Ave.


Fatherland Street approaching Shelby Park. Note the trees. This one was missed by the 1997 tornado which pretty much wiped out the large trees in a large portion of East Nashville.


Fatherland St. All new construction. Think not cheap here, too. Note the little market at the end. I'll have a pic of that later on. Gritty.


Fomerly Fatherland Baptist Church. Now, I'm not sure, something religious. I see full bands through the windows.


One of many rainbows in the area.


East Middle School. High School is next door. My mom attended here. Graduated Class of '41 from East High.


Eastland Avenue. The closest house is new. The large white one is mid-19th Century. It took a lickin' in the tornado. Lost the entire roof. Rebuilt nicely.


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