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Hyatt Theatre on Leonard


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I'll try and get some photos tomorrow, but the Hyatt Theatre on Leonard near Alpine looks like a great little theatre. Anyone got any history or info on that building. It's on the North side of the street, and still has the old marquee out front. Would make a great indie film place, and the area's not bad.

edit: found this photo:


Apparently used to be called the Civic, and it's still owned by John Hyatt. Opened in 1928.


edit again: It's amazing the stuff you can find on-line. John Hyatt runs a theatrical supply store out of the place:

It was home to Vaudeville acts in the 1920's.

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Looks like Hyatt has owned the place since 1984, and just recently added the 60K sq ft next door and has recording studios and artists space there. Sure would be nice if he renovated the front :sick:

Yeah, well, it would be nice if West Leonard was renovated first. :-"

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This theatre was known as the OUR Theatre. I had heard that the actual auditorium floor had been leveled and the room heavily remodeled but my source is heavily unreliable. It would be great to see a revitalization in the West Leonard area. The area still supports a lot of retail but it could use some fresh energy.

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WOW.. I would've never guessed it looked like that inside (or at least at one time). Doesn't even look big enough for all that

That's an interior shot of the Keith's Theatre, which used to be on Lyon St:


Mine was of the Regent which used to be on Crescent:


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I've been in John Hyatt's place; that is, as far as I could walk in. A Fire Marshall's nightmare; in 1988, anyway.

Flats and lumber everywhere, not stacked, but seemingly just dropped willy-nilly. His office is in the back somewhere.

You all probably already know that he owns a theatrical lighting company.

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My partner & I were honored to co-host a party with the Hyatt's, along with five other couples, in their theater / home. It was New Year's eve 1999 and they were looking for a nice mix in the community ( we were the token gay couple :) Anyway, very little of the old theater remains, it's mainly a sound stage for the Hyatt's company. At the the time, they were living in a very cool space over the theater, but I'm not sure if they still are...

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