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Good news for Mirant!


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The company has fianlly emerged from bankruptcy after two years in court! It could be back on the NYSE by next week under its old symbol MIR!

See the AJC Article

Mirant's back.

The Atlanta-based power company crawled out from Chapter 11 protection Tuesday, after 2 1/2 years in bankruptcy court.

The company's emergence came as it successfully completed the steps needed to put its reorganization plan into effect, including securing $2.35 billion in exit financing.

It means Mirant stock could be trading on the New York Stock Exchange by next week.

The reorganized company plans to list its new stock on Jan. 11, under the same ticker symbol

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Mirant should do just fine; it just went on a buying freenzy and overextended itself. Another healthy massive corporation is always good news for atlanta!

This is even better! It seems that the new Mirant's shares are well-received (initally, at least). The company will be traded once again on the NYSE on January 11th.

See the AJC Article

Advance trading in shares of Atlanta's Mirant Corp. is producing prices that could bode well for both the born-again company and the long-suffering investors of the old one.

The trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market has been on a "when-issued" basis for the past month and represents estimates of how the market will receive the energy company when it relists next week. Mirant emerged from Chapter 11 Tuesday.

Advance prices for Mirant's stock closed just under $23 per share Wednesday.

The old Mirant's shares

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