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New Meijer President


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Just announced.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Meijer, Inc. has

announced the selection of Mark Murray as its future President.

Murray, President of Grand Valley State University and a member of the

Board of Directors of Meijer, will join the company August, 2006 after the

conclusion of the 2005-2006 academic year at Grand Valley State University.

Prior to joining GVSU in 2001, Murray served as Treasurer of the State of

Michigan as well as the State's Director of Management and Budget. He also

served as Vice President for Finance and Administration at Michigan State


"We are delighted to have a person with Mark's experience and proven

leadership abilities join our company as President," said Hank Meijer, Co-

CEO/Co-Chairman. "Mark's service on our Board of Directors has allowed him

in-depth exposure to our company and its culture. He shares our commitment to

making Meijer a strong and independent leader in our highly competitive

industry. His skills complement our plans for growth."

Murray will work closely with Paul Boyer, Co-CEO/Vice-Chairman, as well as

with Hank Meijer and Co-Chairman Doug Meijer, as he moves into his new role.

Murray holds master's and bachelor's degrees from Michigan State

University. He and his wife, Elizabeth have three children and live in East

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Meijer operates 171 stores throughout Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky,

Michigan and Ohio. Additional information regarding Meijer can be found on

http://www.meijer.com .

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Excellent contribution Greedo!

Sooooooo.. is he leaving GVSU? Seems to me running a public institution AND a major corporation might be a little time consuming. :blink: And it says at the conclusion of the school year.

Sooooooo.. is he leaving GVSU? Seems to me running a public institution AND a major corporation might be a little time consuming. :blink: And it says at the conclusion of the school year.

Whoops.. never mind

From WoodTV

GVSU president to accept position as president of Meijer

(Allendale-GVSU, January 4, 2006, 10:10 a.m.) President Mark A. Murray of Grand Valley State University today announced that he will leave the university later this year to accept the position of president at Meijer Inc.

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I also liked him at GVSU, but that's an awfully short tenure. <_< Oh well. I can't say that I would have turned down the president of meijer either. :D I wonder GVSU will pick to replace him.

Meijer is one of the top private companies in the country as far as revenue (10th According to Forbes), so if he's looking to step into the corp. world, that's probably a step in the right direction. I think the board at GVSU was looking for a more long term person but, that's the way life goes.

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It's an interesting move for Murray, considering his background is in state government finance and education.


I can't speak to his responsibilities at Meijer Corp, but where does retail fit into equation?

CEO's aren't always top perfomers/experts in the businesses they run. Many of them have very strong finance backgrounds (as Murray does) and very strong leadership skills. They have people under them to worry about actual details of product lines and such. Running a company is as much of appointing the right people to help you point the org. in the right direction for success.

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Talk about your "back-room" deals :lol:

"Mark Murray said he was surprised when Meijer Inc.'s top three officials asked him to become president of their company recently while the four men stood in a storage room at a local Meijer store."


Ha, I bet I know which store that was too :P

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