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Cracker Barrel in Duncan?

GSP Tiger

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Link: Denny's wins court case against Cracker Barrel site in Duncan

Spartanburg, SC Herald-Journal (01/04/2006)

This is the first time I heard Cracker Barrel was looking at Duncan for a possible location. Unfortunately, they lost out in a turf plan against Denny's in the legal system. I am hopeful they will still come as there are several sites between Spinx and Citgo worth building at. Cracker Barrel preferred to be visibly located from an interstate; they are now moving within a couple blocks away these days.

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I'm sure that Duncan is no out of luck. I think that Fatz and Carcker Barrel could still open in the area some time. 290 is a fast growing area, and I see no reason why they can't find some space in there. Why not at the 29 exit? there is nothing there as of now, but that new shopping center is going up... that could be a potenially great spot for some restaurants, even a restaurant row.

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What is going in at the new shopping center? I've always thought that the U.S. 29 exit in Spartanburg should have more going on, but it really is rural feeling over there.

Food Lion on the Wellford side. I am sure some fast food eateries and a Waffle House may open there in time.

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