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Chappy's Seafood

it's just dave

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This is great. The old Carter Flooring building on Church is a fabulous old building with huge windows and a great location. This portion of Church is really getting some attention. I would imagine with Play, Tribe, Blue and other clubs on this strip, the restaurant will blend in nicely. It's great to see a business like Chappy's pull itself up from the disaster and start business over. This will add so much personanlity to midtown.


Here's the Chappy's link.


It's a bit bittersweet because there's a special announcement link saying they don't know whether they would ever reopen or not. It was dated October 15th.

Well, to Chappy's (as well as to my other new friends from New Orleans) welcome to Nashville.

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Thats great news for Church Street. So now we see the effect of Nashville's gay community paying off. Just as in Atlanta and in other cities, businesses and people that are not typically gay-oriented are moving into an area that has been or, in this case, in the midst of redevelopment. I wondered how long it would take before the "mainstream" would start hitting Nashville's "gayborhood." My only concern is if this will start a trend of homoginization for the area and turning it into yuppyville.

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So now we see the effect of Nashville's gay community paying off.

About 15 years ago, a good friend of mine bought a house near Ga. Tech, a really run down area. I asked him if he was out of his mind. He just said that he was sure the area was about to take off b/c so many gay folks were buying over there. He was right.

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I've eaten at Chappy's on the coast a number of times. It always attracted a number of diners from New Orleans. The food was really great, maybe just a shade below Commander's Palace, but that's a pretty high standard.

People on the coast were pretty demanding in the quality of their seafood. Hopefully, Cappy's will maintain their high standards. If so, Nashville's in for a real treat.

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