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Myrtle Beach


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Thanks guys!

Yeah, Myrtle Beach has a real skyline and it's a real city! I paid good money just to get up on top of that goofy golf tower for the photo, not for the goofy golf. :P

Love MB! It's a jewel for South Carolina! :thumbsup:

Anybody heard about Hard Rock opening a theme park / hotel in Myrtle beach? I heard it was opening at the sight of the old Waccamaw Outlets.

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MB does definitly have a nice sized skyline in my oppinion the best in the state and thats coming from someone who lives in Greenville.It may all be hotels/condos, but you cant take away the magnitude of the growth occuring in this city.Im glad to see all SC cities growing and I hope they continue there growth.

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Nice pics! I like the one with the Pavillion the best.

You can't argue that MB is not a real city, or that it doesn't have a real skyline. My issue with it is that its skyline is solely occpied by hotels and vacation condos. This is a very uncommon feature in most cities.

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