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Favorite Little Rock Buildings

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Little Rock certainly has a fair share of great Buildings.

What's your favorite Building?

Mine is the Acxiom Building.


It's not the best pic, but it's still a good looking building.

You know Matt you're welcome to use any of my pics for purposes like this. Granted maybe some of them are a bit big. Interesting topic too. Especially since there seems to be not much posting since this new subforum was created. Hopefully everyone was just busy watching the football game and will be back to posting soon. Anyway, while I certainly like the Axciom Building I think I'd probably have to pick the Metropolitan Bank Building, former TCBY Building.


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Good topic. I too like the Acxiom Tower. It has a clean, modern style.

The Old State House is widely considered the most attractive building in Little Rock. It's known as one of the best examples of the Greek Revival Style in the country. It was designed to be Arkansas' first state capitol. Construction began in 1833 and the building was in use for the first general assembly in 1836, but was not declared complete until 1842. It most recently underwent a major renovation that was completed in 1999. There's a lot to read about the museum and Arkansas history on its website.





Bank of America Plaza is my favorite skyscraper in Little Rock. Even though it was completed in 1970, not a good period for architecture, this building is impressive. I like the Metropolitan National Bank Tower and the Stephens Building very much also, but they don't appear as unique. I really like the lines of the building, and its windows almost make it look exoskeletal. I'm using one of your photos, Mith. :D


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Yeah I admit the Stephens Building is pretty high up there for me too. But just because the Metropolitan Bank is the tallest building in the region I think it why I picked it. That and I wasn't too impressed that the Stephens Building doesn't seem to be lit up at all at night that I've been able to tell. Perhaps whenever I get to see the Old Statehouse myself I'll rank it higher as my favorite old building.

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