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City View Towers - 3 Riverfront Condos


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look what I've found!


Apparently it will have 2 16-story towers and then an 85 unit tower that is smaller:

250+/- units, 16-floor residential condominium development on spectacular elevated site on the James River overlooking downtown Richmond, Virginia; short walk to the James River Park which according to "Blue Ridge Outdoors," is America's best urban park. Homes will have high grade finishes, up-grade packages, pool and fitness club, office suites, structured parking, spacious homes with wide balconies that will appeal to empty nesters....

.....Highly visible from downtown, the property will become the "Southern Gateway" to the Center City.

Construction could begin in early 2006!!!

Cool News!

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From that view you can see the following:


(from left to right)

green arrow: just outside the picture is Richmond's (rarely seen in skyline pics) midtown highrises.

brown arrow: CNB tower under renovation

gray arrow: future site of bow-tie development

pink arrow: john marshall residence renovation

orange square: Centennial Towers; where it will appear in the skyline

red square: undeveloped Ethyl site... could hold multiple skyscrapers

blue arrow: suntrust Mortgage HQ

light blue square: Vistas on the James; where it will appear in the skyline

*** Just to give perspective!

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Before my poor old brain gets totally fried, will someone please clarify that this and an earlier announced plan for 4 condos by Robbin Miller & Co. are two different projects? The two sites here on Manchester seem to have merged into the Cowardin Ave/Riverside Drive project.

And then, of course, just to muddy the waters further, there has been chatter about Southern States Silos!

I'm afraid I'm getting a bit rattled. :lol:

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yes... that's the River Towers in the background. Not sure if it's one building... I did remember hearing the buildings could be connected by some kind of skywalks.

This rendering is very attractive. I hope they don't let Daniels get their hands on it!

Whatever happened to another highrise we read about a couple of months ago that was supposed to be built upstream on the north shore?

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I like it too... it's definitely a different design for conservative Richmond and I think it would be a great gateway!

Burt.. are you talking about the new tower Daniel is planning (we received mixed reports on where exactly it would be)?

Yes, that's the one. I remember predicting it would be at Blue Shingles. Seems to me ym on the other forum started the rumor.

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rendering: courtesy of vtarchitek on RCW:


Yesterday, I left an hour and a half early for work. On my way to work, I stopped by Cary St to take pics of the last house standing on the new VCU campus site. From there I headed toward old houses on Bainbridge Street. Well on my way of course I had to take the Lee Bridge and I got nearly to the end of the bridge when I thought, hey why not take a picture of this site? So in passing and one shot, I'm glad it came out as well as it did.


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I can't wait until they revise the architecture. In 20 years from now, we'll never be able to tell when our skyscrapers were built because they'll all look the same! No one has moved past the 60s, 70s, and 80s!

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Time to wipe the dust off this one... The project is now called City View Towers (Can We get the title of the thread changed Guy?)...

It will consist of up to 1 20-story tower and 2 16-story towers.

According to RCW, the developer has submitted architectural drawings to the city for review, and there is now a sign on the site advertising condominiums for sale.

Manchester's skyline begins!

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