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The Calhoun

GSP Tiger

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This is defintately an exciting project for Anderson. Hopefully this in combination with the Chiquola will start some new momentum for downtown Anderson.

This really is great news for Anderson, and I would bet with all certainty that these two projects will spur some nice addtl. development! :thumbsup:

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There was news on the Calhoun in today's Independent Mail.

They had an open house last night and two more units sold. It sounds like they are a little more than halfway to the presale point they need to get started.

The article talked about starting in March. It sounds like to me a more realistic goal is by this summer. Either way - great for Anderson. The two condo projects: Calhoun and Chiquola can really make an inpact in the downtown area.

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The Anderson Independent Article Here reported today that construction on the Calhoun Condos will start next week.

They've sold 12 units out of 40. I'm surprised they don't need a few more pre-sales to get started. But I'm excited for Anderson.

Now if downtown Anderson can just get some daytime office activity going and maybe a medium size, nice hotel, things will have really moved forward.

I'm hoping for something this year on the old Belks property.

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