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Sunrise Pictures of Fayetteville

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Instead of posting even more pics in already large Pictures of Fayetteville topic I thought maybe I might start breaking the pic topics down a bit. This might make them more accessable to some who don't have particularly fast internet connections. Anyway I had to go out and play around with my new camera this morning. Most of the pics were taken from the U of A parking deck. The last few were taken from the campus around the lawn in front of Old Main.










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Nice pics.

How cold was it when you took these? :P

Actually it wasn't that cold, upper 40's I think. The southwesterly winds were already blowing. When this happens Fayetteville can actually be one of the warmer places in Arkansas especially at night. I think it has something to do with the way the wind blows over the Boston Mountains. After it condenses some to get over the tops it expands and creates a general warming effect. You tend to see this effect happen a lot more around more mountainous areas like the Rockies. But it apparently happens here too, at least to a certain degree.

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Great pics, Rod!

Did you take these with your new S2?

Yeah took them this morning. Had to go and and put the new camera through it's paces. :D

I like the downtown shots Mith, Great Work!!!

Thanks, it would have been nice if there were a few clouds above the horizon to add even more color but the sunrise turned out pretty nice anyway.

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^Yea I thought it was from the S2, because the shots looked very similar in quality to some of my still sunrise shots.

So how do you like the quality of the S2's pictures so far, Rod?

I'm pretty happy with it so far. I considered taking some pics outside of Fayetteville like up in Rogers and Bentonville. But I wanted to get used to the camera a little before that. Thought I'd stay in areas I'm already familiar with and taken pics so I could compare. Of course I was mainly having to use a tripod this morning because of the low light. But I went out again to try the Image Stabilizer. It certainly seems to make using the zoom a lot easier without a tripod. After I get a little more used to the camera and perhaps buy another memory card I'll probably want to go take some pics in Benton County or maybe Eureka Springs. I still can't believe I didn't realize until I bought it that it used a different type of memory card than my other Canon.

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^None at all so far.

I still want to get a tripod and take pictures like the great night shots of cities you see around UP. Hopefully I will learn how to do that through time.

Yeah I admit I really like taking night pics as well. But I guess mine stand out as much since I don't live in a very big city. :lol:

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