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First Monthly Meet Of 2006


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Thanks to all that showed up! We had William, Lexy, Cassie, Dave, Ron (Smeagols), Tom, Bryan, Myself DP, and Todd (Nashville Bound). 9 people was a great start!

We hope to have more next time. We met in the upper loft and had a two hour meet discussing various built environment topics. Todd (Nashville Bound) even mentioned sometime having a meet on the roof of his condo!

Watch for Williams column on the James Robertson Apartments soon, and many other developments coming around. This was a great way to start the new year. Please feel free to join us next month!


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Tom and Brian have been reading our forum for a while now. Tom's posted a couple of times and Brian has yet to post, but I'm confident we'll be seeing his comments soon. It was really good to meet both of them as they seemed as genuinely interested in our city disussions as we are, and are both really nice fellows and have much to offer.

As they begin to post, you'll be come acquainted. Hopefully, RK, you can be here for one our next meetings. I have a feeling we might be needing a larger space in the future. We sure wish you could be here, too.

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Let me express just how much of a pleasure it was to get together this morning. Casey and I were honored to be there with everyone and look forward to next months meeting. Thanks to all who showed up and those who didn't but wanted to. I am confident this will be a success in the future. Here's to many more meetings.

Dave, thanks for the special 'tour' after the meetings. Kinda like a afterglow at church. LOL!! A ride around town with you is by far, one of the most interesting things a forumer could do. Thank you.

To those I finally got to meet for the first time, the honor wsas truely all mine and Casey's. Thank you.

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Saturday's turn-out and vibe were outstanding. The more people talk about the importance of a quality man-made environment -- and all the retail, office, residential, civic offerings, transportation, etc. that come with it -- the brighter the future for Nashvillians.

It's a good group of people we have in "the club." I'm glad to be a part. 2006 will be fun.


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Where's Hankster? Hey, buddy if you're out there, check in.

Everyone else, remember there will be another meet the first week of February. We don't know where yet, but plenty of notice will be given, so hope you guys (and gals) can make it.

I can't believe I missed the meet. I've been on vacation for the past 9 days, and just got back. I had a wonderful trip to Salt Lake City skiing. Great weather and loads of fun! Please let me know when you plan the next one. If it's on a weekend, you can count me in!

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