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North Augusta streetscape plans


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It was in todays Augusta Chronicle. Here is a bit of selected text.

NORTH AUGUSTA - City officials say they hope to begin improving some downtown streets by the end of April.

Under a plan titled Streetscapes II, improvements will be made to West Avenue between Jackson and West Clifton avenues. Improvements also will be made to Jackson, West Spring Grove, Pine Grove, West Buena Vista and Clifton avenues between West and Georgia avenues.

This second Streetscapes project will cost $1.8 million and will include road resurfacing, on-street parking, sidewalk work, new light fixtures and traffic arms that will replace traffic signals that hang from wires.

"There will be real brick in sidewalk spaces and crosswalks," said Tom Zeaser, the city's director of engineering and public works.

That project should be complete by year's end, officials said.

"I think it's good, and I think it adds to the beauty of the city," said James Key, a 35-year North


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I know this was posted somewhere before, but probably not as it;s own subforumn, but anywayz, I posted a new topic on the SC topics page about the NEW Hammond's Ferry Development project that will start construction this month!!! The half-billion dollar mixed-use development will take about 12 years to complete, and will have between 800-1,500 new residential homes. These sidewalk developments are a part of N Augusta's master plan for the city.

Check it out!!

Click Here to the Forumn

or go directly here.

Hammonds Ferry Website

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Wow I was under the impression Hammonds Ferry was already underway. Oh well, at least it is getting started now. 12 years seems a very long time for a development, but it all looks to be very quality development and should help both North Augustas and Augustas' downtowns. Now all they need is a cool ped-bridge across the Savannah River to complement cities.

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