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I have been surfing this site since last summer. I am excited to finally have a place to go for information about Grand Rapids, and to have a place to find people who share my enthusiasm.

I was born and raised within the city limits all my life, and I am now renting a house with a couple other guys in a single level house in a quiet Wyoming neighborhood near Studio 28.

I like big highways and tall buildings, both of which our city lacks. But what we lack in big-city feel, we make up for with the many briliant minds contained within our borders. Ultimately, it's the people that keep me here, and it's the people who will continue to bring us closer to our goal of becoming a world class city.

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< cough, cough >

I can hardly see in this room for all the cigar smoke. I'm one of the WOMEN on this forum; don't know that there are any GURLZ, though. You, there, get me a drink and be snappy about it.

Yeah, but you can hang with the men and hold your own any day. :thumbsup:

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Yah, same here. I hear that men when around some femalse can have sympathy pains.

I feel hot, no I feel cold, ah, god Its stuffy in this room. Hmm, Chocolate syrup in Coca Cola, ahh that sounds good.

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