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Town and Gown Relations


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I graduated from The College of Charleston in 01 and during my time relations between the school and the surrounding neighborhoods seemed rather testy. Especially from residents in Harleston Village. I understood their complaints. I lived downtown and wild parties every night of the week kept me up as well. Absentee landlords made it more difficult. As ubersouthern and fabulously laid back as Judge Sanders was..he was rather laissez faire when it came to governance. The Livability Court has helped I think, as well as McCallister Hall and the purchase/lease of Kelly House and Warren Place by the school. President Higdon is also a more proactive leader. I think Charleston would be much less vibrant without cofc's presence.

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It's an urban college.. heh just about any college and the parties and activities that come along with that would bother people trying to live 'normal' lives nearby. CofC is a great asset to downtown and I know many more people that like having it here in Charleston than people that don't. It is a beautiful urban campus too which adds to the charm of old Charleston. Though I must say that new library looks out of place. It's nice but just way too modern looking compared to the rest of CofC.

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CofC has a very unique campus. It is so well incorporated into the city that with few exceptions, you can't tell whether you are on campus or not. Coming Street is a good example of that.

USC has a similar situation with regards to partying, but I don't see it as a detriment, and I think most people living in the area are ok with it, despite its annoyances.

Having an urban college adds a lot of youth and life to a city that may not otherwise be there. If not for the Citadel and CofC you might not have that energetic feel that the city has and maintains by the students who remain in the area.

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