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What's your city's best condo tower design?


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3344 Peachtree is one very nice looking tower. I only wish I had $500,000+ so I could buy one of the units. One of the articles on the site said that construction was to start in the fall of '05. Did they hold to that or has this project experienced delays that are so common these days? Buckhead's skyline is already fairly impressive and this will certainly move it up a peg or two.

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Hartford, Connecticut

The largest condo/apartment tower under construction right now is Hartford 21 which is a mixed use development. Being built downtown at the site of the old civic center mall and next to the still existing Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Former home of the Hartford Whalers, home of the Hartford Wolfpack & UCONN Basketball) there will be a 36 story tower with 262 luxury apartments plus an attached retail/ office space block that will feature 45,000 square feet of retail space and 90,000 square feet of office space, most of which is being leased to YMCA Downtown because they announced the sale of there 12 story downtown building so it could be knocked down for a residential tower.

The rear of the Hartford 21 project in November, 2005


The tower under construction in the summer of 2005


The Hartford 21 tower rising in the downtown skyline and Bushnell Towes-condominiums (see below) on the right


YMCA: The YMCA Downtown announced that it would sell it's downtown building to a developer who plans to knock down the 175 bed 12 story building and in it's place build a 17 story condo tower alongside Bushnell Park that will feature 200 condos and 100 apartments as well as well as an upscale restaurant

The YMCA Building which will be knocked down for the condo/apartment tower


Trumbull on the Park: A new 12 story apartment building with 100 apartments (88 of them in new building, 12 in adjacent renovated historic buildings) that just opened which also features ground floor retail space, a garage and is across from Bushnell Park

Building almost done in late fall, 2005


Bushnell Towers (The tall building and circular building): Condominiums built in the 1980's. Condos on the upper floors of the tower are still selling for $1,000,000+

The buildings after Hartford's 1st snowfall of 2005


The view to the west from Bushnell Towers


Other Project:

The Metropolitan: The first set of condominiums that will be opening soon in the wave of new residences in downtown Hartford. A former office building is being converted into upscale condos with ground floor retail space


55 on the Park: Completed a few years ago these were the first new apartments to open in downtown Hartford in years. The apartments are in a former SNET office building alongside Bushnell Park


Sage Allen Building: Conversion of the former Sage Allen Building on Main Street into 4-Bedroom Townhouses for University of Hartford and Saint Joseph's College students

Back of the site looking towards Constitution Plaza


410 Asylum: Conversion of a former Class A office building near Bushnell Park into middle income apartments with ground floor retail space

Building on the left


Capital West: Conversion of a former office building near Union Station into residential units


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I guess the question was how the towers will shape the skyline. Here's Nashville's entry. The Signature should break ground in Jan. 07. Here's hoping. This is the most recent rendering after the "increase" in height that nobody's talking about yet. How tall? We just don't know yet.


The little green one has just topped out at 31 floors plus pool deck. The one in the foreground is The Encore at 20...it's in a height restrited district and should break ground in May. There's several others nearby, but not in the pic. This should do for now.

The AAA baseball stadium in the foreground is still in design phase. This one is clip art. It will be surrounded by 600 condos and retail/commercial.

...and one more, this one, the ICON just broke ground today, March 1. It's in our Gulch area just west of downtown.


...and the Terazzo across the street from this one, breaking ground this spring.


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Thanks just Dave. I haven't been to Nashville in a long time. It's good to see the positive changes going on there. The condo towers look similar to ones in Atlanta. I guess we're doing the same thing, which is nice considering that we are family.

Isn't there a high-rise condo market somewhere in the world doing something really different. I've been all over Dubai, Hong Hong & Miami's site and nothing is really ground breaking (in height yes, in design, no). Trump's buildings look as dated as his hair. I'm hoping he never puts one in my city.

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This tower looks pretty interesting. In the new Ball Park East Village area of Downtown San Diego.


Hard to tell what exactly is the cladding-all glass? mix of stone veneer and glass? Don't know about the livability of the building as it is hard to discern any large balconies. But I like the sort of twisted off grid construction.

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This is 110 Westminster in Providence. They saved a historic 19th century building's facade, tore down another one on the other side of the project. There will be a whole foods type grocery store, a rooftop garden, and of course a fitness center...

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I was hoping someone would (eventually) nominate 110. Lookit those clean lines and the artful placement of the balconies. Love it.

I think I like that new Signature Tower, too. I'd love to see a night render. But if you can say nothing else for this new version, at least you can say that it has a far better right to lay claim to that title than its predecessor did.

Hmm. I've found some renderings online. You can see a good one here. The building needs more color, I think. I hate dark towers, or towers with too much color, for example Atlanta's B of A. But this Sig Tower is way too light. More blue in the glass, something like that, take away from that icicle look.

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Out of the many condo projects that are going up in Birmingham, the City Federal Building has to be the best. The building was built in 1913, and is slated to be completed for upscale condo use in late 2007. When it was built, it was the tallest building in the Southeast, and is still the tallest Neo-classical building in the Southeast. It was also the tallest building until the Amsouth tower was built in Mobile.

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Here are some of the ones coming to Greenville, SC. All expected to start this fall:

The Pinnacle on Main:


The Camperdown Condos:



The Peacock Hotel and Spa:


Note: the pinnacle is mixed use and will include condos on the top couple of floors, same goes with the peacock except that will have a hotel included, and the camperdown is only condos. The pinnacle is 13 stories, while the peacock and the camperdown are 14 stories.

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