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Ann Arbor-to-Detroit Mass Transit

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Ann Arbor-to-Detroit mass transit report cites commuters' support

I figured I would start off this thread that will hopefully be used in the future. This project is really getting me excited because I believe that the many college students that attend Michigan and Eastern will travel to Detroit and make some nightlife. I think that in our metro area, the big population areas are around our universities and Colleges. If there are LRT, RBT, or CR going to UofM, EU, WSU, OU, OCC, WCC, MCC, UofD, St.Clair CC, and Toledo, then Detroit will have a massive boost and will get closer to a "City That Never Sleeps," atmosphere. With lines going to all of these campuses, they will hit major stops on the way such as Mt.Clemens, Port Huron, Pontiac, Ann Arbor, Toledo, Ypsilanti, Northern Detroit, Monroe, Windsor, and even Warren. Here is my plan.....


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